Pure Science 20 - 10 Hour Summer All Dayer

Pure Science 20 - 10 Hour Summer All Dayer event has expired

Please note that this event is no longer running and is only listed for archive purposes.

  • Pure Science 20 - 10 Hour Summer All Dayer

    The event date is: Sat 3 Jun

    Promoter: Unknown

    Music policy: Jungle, Drum n Bass, House

    Info: Ps20 - Garden Room: Mampi Swift Back To Back Crissy Criss - Ic3, 7 Decks Hosted By Ic3, Logan D - Eksman & Guest Mc, Frankee - 2shy, Serum - Bassman & Trigga, Turno – Harry Shotta, T > I - Decoy & Bellyman, Richie Weaver Back To Back Dj Ollie – Double O & Ac Aon – Hyper Rollerz. Uncle Dugs Londons Underground – Basement: Randall – Gq & Fearless (2 Hour Set), Uncle Dugs – Stormin & Shabba (2 Hour Set), Brockie & Det Experience, Darren Jay – Navigator, Richie Weaver – Foxy, Ash Attack – Blacka, Jono Duggins. Rough Tempo The Prague Reunion - Terrace: Lady V Dubz, Benny L, Arcane, Crabby Back To Back Crakey, Didz, Cropz, Scopex Back To Back Illist, Clarky. Hosts: Aggzy – Alman – Iffy – Walker. Vip - Promoters Unite - The Loft: Kg (Talkin Beats), Melinki & Hijak (U Wot Blud), Inter & Deefa (Breaking Science /jungle Mania), Barrington & Five Alive (Warning Classics), Merrix Back To Back Jamie J - Cowboy Ranger (Ucoj), Fluid – (One Nation Bagleys Set), Dj Ollie (Innovation Camden Palace Set), Dj Uno & Melody (Heat Liquid Set), Dj Okey (Original Key - Germany )

    Ticket: Phase 2: £20 + booking fee, VIP £25 + booking fee

    Time: 12pm - 10pm

    Club details: Egg, London, N7 9AX (map)

Unknown upcoming events

This event promoted by Unknown promotions is over. They are currently organising 2 more upcoming events. If you missed out on the last one, make sure you make it to these.

  • Brockie & MC Det Experience & The DJ Brockie Group

    The event date is: Jun 2 2018

    see flyerEvent flyer

    Music Policy: Upfront Drum n Bass, Drum n Bass, Old Skool, Jungle

    Additional info: 2 arenas of music: Drum & Bass and Jungle MAIN ROOM: Brockie & Det Experience, Logan D & Eksman, Hedex & Shabba D, Kenny Ken & Crucial with Ragga Twins, Sly & Swifta with MC Funsta, Nicky Blackmarket & Profile with Fatman D, Chewit & Astro with Shockin B & MC Carnage ROOM 2: The Group Fluid,Wax Farmer, Orphic & Turtle, K-I & Aura, Jessie Jo & Arry H, M.O.T.S.E MC, Trixsta & DJ Flex, DJ Pablo G & Lady D – Zire, J Switch & Critical D, Lady Niki & DJ Ribz, Remadee,MC Express, Danja MC

  • Profound Beats vs Heavy Duty Boat Party

    The event date is: Jul 4 2018

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    Music Policy: UK Garage, Upfront Drum n Bass, Drum n Bass

    Additional info: Main Deck DJs: Modified Motion, Jumping Jack Frost, Ruffstuff, Trimer & Arnone, KRE & Grimeminister, Ironlung, Arry H & Jessie Jo MCs: Fearless, bellyman, Decoy, Element, Dazman, Reallity, Godderz, Dotty, Ridikule, Deeza & Starz Lower Bass Deck DJs: Zester, Pdot K, Emgee, Inforce, Bookeyman, Sphereix, Teaze, Nkay, Hot-Topic, Noire, Bushy, MCs: Jack Knife, Mozy, Roma, Makie, Sloffee, Rowdy, Ryro, Kayotik, Nudger

Egg @ Egg (3/6/2017)

Event club flyer for Pure Science 20 - 10 Hour Summer All Dayer.

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