House of Silk - Spring Sessions & DJ S Birthday

House of Silk - Spring Sessions & DJ S Birthday event has expired

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  • House of Silk - Spring Sessions & DJ S Birthday

    The event date is: Sat 1 Apr

    Promoter: Unknown

    Music policy: Old Skool UK Garage, House

    Info: Dale Howard (UK), Chicks Luv Us (France), Mark Radford, Dennis Quin (Netherlands), SPECIAL GUEST TBA, Sam Supplier, DJ S, Jack n Danny, DJ Pioneer, X5 DUBS, Lee Edwards, Chris Jones. GARAGE TUNNEL: Masterstepz, DJ Cartier, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Sunship back to back Martin Liberty Larner, TOO BAD DJS, PAUL BENAJAMIN, House of Silk - (Garage Promo Mix), Pied Piper and Matt Jam Lamont

    Ticket: 3rd Release £13.50 on sale, 4th Release £16.50, 5th Release £18.50, Final Release £22.00, Que Jump £22.50 (Includes Free T Shirt) VIP BACKSTAGE BAR & Que Jump £30.00

    Time: 10pm - 6am

    Club details: Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London, SE1 0NR (map)

Unknown upcoming events

This event promoted by Unknown promotions is over. They are currently organising 3 more upcoming events. If you missed out on the last one, make sure you make it to these.

  • United Festival 2017

    The event date is: Apr 30 2017

    see flyerEvent flyer

    Music Policy: House, Jungle, Drum n Bass

    Additional info: Breakin Science: Calyx & Teebee, Mefjus, The Prototypes, Ed Rush, DJ Guv, Sub Zero, Majistrate, Logan D, Voltage & Serum, Macky Gee, Turno & Dominator, Inter, Nu Elementz & Ruffstuff, Rough Tempo presents Riot Squad. MCs Eksman, Skibadee, Evil B, IC3, Harry Shotta, Shabba D, Bassman, Trigga, Funsta Stormin, Texas, LX One, 2Shy, Dreps, Grima, Azza, Kombo, Swifta, Deefa. Jungle Mania: Congo Natty with Top Cat, LTJ Bukem, Benny Page, Randall & Shimon, Brockie, Kenny Ken & Nicky BM, Bryan Gee & JJ Frost, Uncle Dugs & Remarc, Darren Jay, Garry K. MCs Top Cat, GQ, $pyda, Fearless, Det, Moose, Ragga Twins, Darrison, Fatman D, Presha. Moondance: Fabio & Grooverider, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The House Crew, Ratpack, DJ Phantasy, Slipmatt, Krome & Time, Billy Daniel Bunter, Ashatack & SLB, Sense, Twista & Trix, Food Junky & Genetic. MCs Skibadee, Shabba D, Charlie B, Whizzkid, Moose, Five Alive, Youngman, Shockin B, Blacka, Cutter. VIP Arena: Huck Finn, Skie with Express, Acid Brothers, Junior Buzz with Loskiboy, Jessie Jo with MC Bellyman, Dan Rewind with Fusion, EZM, Dizzy Blonde & Bonnie Blaze with Funktion, Terry M & Kezman with Funktion

  • Tranzmission Festival 2017

    The event date is: Jun 11 2017

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    Music Policy: House, Old Skool UK Garage, House n Garage, Jungle, UK Garage

    Additional info: Main Stage - Slammin Vinyl: Sasasas, Dj Luck & Mc Neat, The Ratpack, Adam F, Shadow Demon Coalition, Bizarre Inc Live, Artful Dodger, Darren Styles, Evil B Vs B-live. One Nation: Mampi Swift & Crissy Criss 7-deck Set, TC, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Logan D & Majistrate, The Prototypes, Optical & Rymetyme 20 Years Set, Harry Shotta Show, Kings Of The Rollers (Voltage, Serum, Bladrunner & Inja), G-dub (Sub Zero & Original Sin), Tna (Dominator, Grima & Azza), Turno, Blackley, Hosted By: Eksman & P Money, Skibadee, Shabba D, Harry Shotta, Stormin, IC3, Bassman & Trigga, Azza & Grima, Fatman D, Youngman, Inja, Swifta, Felon, Miss Melody. Sun City: Oxide & Neutrino, So Solid Crew, Matt Jam Lamont, Pied Piper & Dt, Foundation – Scott Garcia & Sticky, Jason Kaye, Ramsey & Fen, Martin Larner, Supa D, Hosted By: Creed, Kie, PSG, CKP, Bushkin, Viper, B-Live, Tippa, Coldsteps & Versatile. Raindance: Shades Of Rhythm Live, Altern 8 Live, Baby D Live, Ragga Twins Live, Liquid Live, 2 Bad Mice, Awesome 3, Slipmatt, Billy Daniel Bunter, Dj Sy, Ellis Dee, Rob Tissera, Dj Faydz, Si Frater, G Magikal, Hosted By Strict, 5-alive, Jay J & Charlie B. Jungle Fever: General Levy Live, Top Cat Live, Brockie & Det, Micky Finn & Fearless, Shadow Demon Coalition (Jungle Set), Serial Killaz & Navigator, Kenny Ken & The Ragga Twins, Ron Back To Back Sl & Moose, Uncle Dugs & Jumping Jack Frost With Mc GQ, Nicky Blackmarket Back To Back Funky Flirt With Shabba & Skibadee, Remarc With Blacka & Junior Dangerous, Devious D & Shockin B, Hardcore Heaven, Gammer, Fracus & Darwin, Joey Riot, Klubfiller, Dougal, Alex Prospect, Vibes & Live-lee, Stonebank, Fallon, Hosted By Storm, Whizzkid, Keyes & Live-lee. Acd Trzmsn, Alfredo (Ibiza), Brandon Block & Alex P, Evil Eddie Richards, Nicky Holloway, Terry Farley, Trevor Fung, Steve Proctor, Colin Dale, Face, Gary Pendulum

  • 51st State Festival 2017

    The event date is: Aug 5 2017

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    Music Policy: Soul, Old Skool UK Garage, Disco, UK Garage, House, House n Garage

    Additional info: GROOVE ODYSSEY MAIN STAGE: Masters At Work, Little Louie Vega, Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Dimitri From Paris, BeBe Winans (live), The Basement Boys, Teddy Douglas, DJ Spen, Karizma, Jasper Street Company Live, House N HD, Mike Dunn, Terry Hunter, Bobby&Steve, Anane Vega, Ultra Naté (live), Groove Assassin & Sean McCabe, Kev Chase. Host: Barbara Tucker. FOUND: Special Guest Headliner TBA, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, TODD TERRY, Matthias Tanzmann, Butler & Bontan, Caleb Calloway, Lex Luca, Shiloh, 2FOUR7, BACKTO95, Daejae - live, Wookie, Matt Jam Lamont, DJ LUCK & MC NEAT, Artful Dodger, Elisabeth Troy (live), Shola Ama (live), Norris Da Boss Windross, Master Stepz, Jason Kaye, Ramsey & Fen, Listener & Jason H, Maddness, Jerry Rankin, Lifford (live), Bizzi Party (live), Denise b (live). Hosts: Creed, DT, CKP, PSG, Buzzhard, Rankin. WE LOVE SOUL: Evelyn Champagne King (live), Norman Jay (MBE), Beggar & Co (live), Omar (live), DJ Bigger, Aitch B & Jazzi Q, Sammy Confunktion & Chilli Source, Ruddy Ranx, Lloyd Life, Avid Bailey, Vivy B, Freaky Reaidy, Selly J, Colin Williams. Hosts Micro & Champain. CHANNEL ONE SOUND SYSTEM & FRIENDS: Macka B & The Roots Ragga Band (live), Stylo G (live), Mad Professor Live Dub Show, Channel One Sound System, Top Cat Live with DJ Don Caesar, DJ Hatcha, Benny Page with $pyda, Eva Lazarus (live), Reggae Roast with Brother Culture, New Era Reggae Sound System. STUDIO 51 VIP: Byron Stingily Music (live). John Morales, Tiger & Woods, OPOLOPO, PurpleDiscoMachine, The Reflex, Randy Peterson, Liam D, Richie Smooth, Sartorial.

Great Suffolk Street Warehouse @ Great Suffolk Street Warehouse (1/4/2017)

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