About Us

We at NSC (NuthingSorted.Com) are a mix of clubbers, music lovers, students, professionals and net junkies. With such a mix of people we try and provide a service that puts clubbers in clubs. NSC also aims to give you the clubber everything you need for a good night out. We'll give you the low down on all the MCs and DJs.

If you like going clubbing then where would you go to listen to "garage?" Simply enter the details into our club search and we will give you details of all the clubs that play garage. Alternatively you may want to go to a specific nightclub, we can tell you exactly what's happening there.

Nuthingsorted.com was formally Established on the 4th of May 2000. The internet was booming and we had this idea to give people who've got 'nuthing sorted' for a night out everything they need to make a night of it. There where lots of so called 'dot coms' around in those days but the ones that survived were the ones that we reckon were doing a good job. We've always believed our site was made for the clubbers by the clubbers and we hope you think the same.

NSC went live in May of 2000 but didn't officially launch until September of that year and it wasn't until November that we filmed our first event. The event was DJ EZ's Birthday Bash @ Hippodrome, 3rd November 2000. We spent the months leading to the launch collecting the content and conducting market research around this field of business. Our first site, Version 1, held details on 350 mini cab firms, 4500 cash points, 320 clubs and 480 pubs, bars & restaurants, as you can see we moved on considerably since then!. When we did launch we spent the three months filming at events like Cream Of Da Crop, Freedom, Spoilt For Choice, Pure Silk and Sweet Harmony. Hits to our site weren't really significant until December 2007 when we hit 9,258. Saying that 7,539 doesn't really compare to the month of October 2008 which saw 1,721,246 hits or to now where we receive 132,500 odd hits per day.

We believe we have the largest recognised database of nightclubs in the UK. Our aim is to continue to maintain that status. We also believe we have the largest selection of urban night club event media in the UK, with a pictures section holding over 35,000 gig snap shots. The future is what you the visitor make of our site. We hit you this year via the internet, magazines, email, text message but in 2013, without giving too much away, we should be coming at you via much more. We have many new things planned for the near future and we hope you enjoy them as much as you do the site..