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  • Naughty Sesh Dapper Laughs

    The event date is: Sat 18 Aug

    Music Policy: UK Garage, Old Skool, Bassline House

    Info: Dapper Laughs & suprise guests


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  • Destiny @ Lightbox

    The event date is: Fri 28 Sep

    Info: ROOM 1 (90s Garage): Slimzee (Exclusive Vinyl UKG Set), Hatcha (Old Skool UKG Set), Cartier, Pied Piper + Fox, M Tec, Bigger, Bradoss, Trixie Hosts: MC DT, Hyperactive, Loopz, Riddler B ROOM 2 (90s Jungle / DnB - Hosted by History): Acee, Spar, Just J, Parker, Longbow, Getaway, Substance Hosts: Styleone, Jack Hustle, Dreamos

  • Undiluted @ Birthdays Nightclub

    The event date is: Fri 28 Sep

    Info: Brockie & Det Sub Zero, Profile, RTC (Krucial & The Ragga Twins), DJ Chewitt (DJ Brockie Group) Hosted By: Det, Funsta, Fatman D, The Ragga Twins, Remadee

  • Breakin Science & Def:Inition - Brighton @ Concorde 2

    The event date is: Sat 29 Sep

    Info: DJ Hazard, A.M.C, Eksman, TNA (Nu Elementz, Grima, Azza), BassLayerz (Slip, Mc Spyda, MC Blu Bomma), Inter Deejay, Arcane, Deefa MC & G3MC After Party Headliners (The Volks Nightclub): Benny L, Mc Shaydee:Shadow Demon Coalition Arena 2 at Concorde 2 - Sub-Liminal Recordings: DJs: Agro, Guzi, Charlie Rotten, Aljmex, TJ MCs: Chats, Tremma, Range Audio Assault After Party at The Volks Nightclub (4am-Late): DJs Benny L, Inter, Arcane, Cropz, Side Effects, Fresh Methods MCs Shaydee, Deefa, Range, G3MC, Enel

  • Rough Tempo 10th Birthday and End of Summer Boat Party - London @ Festival Pier

    The event date is: Sun 30 Sep

    Info: DJs: Crissy Criss, Kenny Ken, Ti, Profile, Jayline, Lady V Dubz, Krucial, Scoundrel MCs andHosts: The Ragga Twins, Fatman D, Shaydee (SDC), Toddlah, AC MC, Double Gee, D-low and Support From The Rough Tempo DJs/MCs

  • Oneaway Brighton @ The Arch

    The event date is: Fri 5 Oct

    Info: Logan D With Harry Shotta, Dj Phantasy with MC Skibadee, Tna NU Elementz with MCs Azza & Grima, Uncle Dugs With Ragga Twins, Intraspekt